20 May 2016

On sale for $24.99

Ayuveda, the science of life, has been used in general wellness applications for 5,000 years. Oil Pulling is an Ayurveda tradition of using oil to" pull" the toxins and harmful bacteria from your saliva. GURUNANDA Pulling Oil can provide quick relief from bad breath as well as pain or discomfort in the gums and teeth. Consistent use over a substantial amount of time can lead to improved digestion, weight loss, improved overall oral health, whiter teeth, and clearer, more radiant skin. Just swish the oil around in your mouth in the morning before you brush your teeth. Keep swishing for 2-3 minutes, working up to 15 minutes over time. Spit the oil out in the trashcan and brush your teeth normally. While you may have heard of oil pulling with a single oil, GURUNANDA Pulling Oil combines coconut oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and peppermint oil. This perfectly balanced blend is a tri-dosha product, so no matter your specific dosha type, you can receive the maximum health and wellness benefits that these oils yield. This product is all-natural and safe, made with organic ingredients, alcohol-free and fluoride-free, has no artificial flavors, preservatives or color, contains no pesticides, is non-GMO, and has never been tested on animals.

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